Lauri Angervo

- cello and Alexander technique

Lauri Angervo first started playing cello as an 8-year-old in the music school West Helsinki in the teaching of Kari Lindstedt. Since 1987 he has been taught by Arto Noras, Josef Schwab and Alexander Baillie. Besides Sibelius Academy Angervo has studied in the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler, Berlin and in the Hochschule für Künst, Bremen.

Lauri Angervo has worked as a solo cellist in the Lapland Chamber Orchestra since 2004. He was invited to work as a cellist in Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra for the year 2011. Besides Finland Angervo has played concerts in many European countries, Japan and China as a chamber musician as well as a soloist of an orchestra. One of his newest works as a soloist is performing F. Gulda’s cello concerto in Oulu and Rovaniemi in fall 2010.

Angervo was part of the Selin quartet that won the first prize in Concertino Praga Competition in 1988. He plays concerts frequently with pianist Anna Laakso. Angervo started studies of F. M. Alexander technique in 1995 and graduated as a teacher of Alexander technique in Berlin, taught by Dan Armon, in 2003.